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Adeeb Khan


Adeeb Khan has worked with PFS on a variety of leadership initiatives, including conducting workshops and presentations at several national conferences—Council on Foundations, Emerging Practitioners in Philanthropy, Young Nonprofit Professionals, and the Conference of Southwest Foundations. Adeeb is also currently the Director of Volunteerism at the Mile High United Way. …continue reading

Akaluck Nurack


Akaluck Nurack grew up in Des Moines, Iowa, the son of immigrant parents, and small business owners.  Akaluck started a career as a community organizer in low income communities working in Philadelphia, Minnesota, and in Des Moines.  After his experiences as Executive Director for Iowa and Minnesota ACORN, he later …continue reading

Dora G. Lodwick


Dr. Lodwick received her sociology from Michigan State University (MSU). As a graduate student, she helped create the first Women in International Development Office at MSU. She has since been a university professor for 30 years. She has taught research methods to high school students, community members, international project …continue reading

Gurudev Khalsa


Gurudev Khalsa has worked in tandem with PFS team members for more than a decade, focusing intensively on diversity, inclusiveness and immigrant integration issues since 2000 under the Supporting Immigrant and Refugee Families Initiative of The Colorado Trust. Gurudev has 30 years of experience, offering personal, organizational and community development …continue reading

Jay Zarr


Jay Zarr shares real experiences to bring to life the concepts of team and leadership. He is an instructor for the Wilderness Education Association, adjunct professor at Colorado State University at Pueblo, and is President of the Nature and Rapture Center of Pueblo, Colorado.  Jay is an entrepreneur who has …continue reading

Jean Carroccio


Jean has over twenty-five years of experience in consulting, training and facilitating with public, private and nonprofit organizations. Her current focus is on efforts that promote and create infrastructure that supports health and civic engagement for the 50+ population, national and community service and leadership development in the nonprofit sector. …continue reading

Judy Hudson-Trujillo


Judy Hudson-Trujillo has her Master’s in Public Administration and 30 years of experience working with community programs and governmental agencies.  Judy heads the Trujillo Group, a professional training and consulting firm, and has partnered with PFS on a variety of projects over the years. Judy has experience working with housing services, …continue reading

Kinoti Meme


Kinote is an Assistant Professor of Nonprofit Management and the Faculty Chair of the Global/Nonprofit Leadership Department at Regis University, Denver, Colorado. He brings over 15 years of professional experience in rural and urban community development, working with World Vision International in rural and urban community development in East Africa, …continue reading

Lisa B. Carlson


Lisa B. Carlson has worked for many years with the PFS team and also directs the Center for Public-Private Sector Cooperation at the Buechner Institute for Governance and an Adjunct Professor in the School of Public Affairs. Ms. Carlson specializes in collaborative problem solving and consensus building, and has more …continue reading

Robin Slutsky


Robin works with start-up and existing 501-c3s and 501-c6s to help organizations reach their short term and long term goals through: foundation research, grant writing, strategic partnerships and shared resources, corporate fundraising, cause marketing, capacity building, membership outreach, audience development and special events management. With more than 20 years of …continue reading


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