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What’s Under The Robes

Try this for a PERFECT GRADUATION GIFT… One could do a dissertation on what’s under the robes at graduation time. Formal to flip, natty to butt-naked. Under the robes also are the dual sentiments of accomplishment and dread. Graduation angst: next steps have always been obvious. Now the future feels …continue reading

Plot Your OWN Course to the Top

We caution you to understand that—if you want to make a living by making a difference—you’re unlikely to find a career ladder that you can just keep climbing. Why? Because, so far, there’s largely a lack of dedicated attention to professional advancement in this sector, and you’ll therefore need to …continue reading

Play Your Career Like a Chess Master: Think 10 Moves Ahead

If you’re like most people, you want purpose, personal growth, and professional development. You want flexibility, freedom, economic security, and work-life balance. Your quest, either by luck or design, is to land a job in an organization that works with you to develop your future in exchange for your doing …continue reading

Ana Dodson and Danny Dodson: One heart at a time

Hogar de Niñas is an orphanage located outside of Cusco, Peru. It sits high in the Andes Mountains at 3,400 meters, or about 11,200 feet. Ana Dodson was adopted from Peru as an infant and brought up the Continental Divide to be raised in to the Rocky Mountains. Ana was just 17 …continue reading

The re-opening of this old theatre speaks to the human condition. Here’s why:

Why does the re-opening of an old Northwest Denver theatre (Elitch Gardens) speak to the human condition? I remember trying to get Coloado’s Legislature and its powerful Joint Budget Committee (JBC) to recind a cut to a statewide organization that stabilzed fragile families. The head of the JBC told me …continue reading

To Score on the Job Hunt, Put Your Best Foot Forward!

If find that you’re positioning yourself in a competitive marketplace, where job openings have multitudes of applicants, don’t just toss your resume into the ring; there’s little room for carelessness. Instead, keep the following tips in mind: Understand the mission of the organization. Learn about their history, programs, and priorities …continue reading

The Value of Mentors and Networks

Mentors and networks can help you create connections and navigate opportunities. This is vital to your professional growth. In fact, mentorship is good for both you and the organization. As you can see in the following graph, organizations that pay attention to developing their own people are more sustainable, because …continue reading

Top 10 Reasons to Invest in New Talent for Cause-Focused Organizations

We (Alex and Jeff) recently stopped in New York City on our book tour and felt compelled to pay homage to David Letterman by making our own TOP 10 LIST. Thanks for being the original lister, Dave! 10. A career path shouldn’t be like playing whack-a-mole. 9. You can’t step …continue reading

Impact of Culture in Cause Focused Organizations

Impact of Culture in Cause Focused Organizations By Alexandra Mitchell Talent defines impact. More precisely, it’s the fit between individual talent and organizational culture that leads to success. In fact, 89% of performance and success is explained by culture—the alignment of core values within any given organization. Over decades of working …continue reading

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This group is dedicated to sharing tools and ideas about talent and leadership development in cause-focused organizations, with emphasis on how one can measure, manage and monitor organizational culture. Pathfinders: Cultivating Culture and Engagement in Cause-Focused Organizations.


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