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Compassionate Careers

CompassionateCareers1Compassionate Careers: Making a Living by Making a Difference is filled with examples of people from all walks of life who have found jobs that make a difference in the world, which in turn gives their lives remarkable meaning and purpose. The stories are diverse and real. They capture spirit, intelligence, imagination and heart. This book will both entice and offer much needed practical advice to anyone who feels that sitting on the sidelines is not enough. It’s for people who are thirsty for change.

There is great concern among young people today about how they will create their own personal and professional futures, as many of them are avoiding the standard 9-to-5 jobs and instead are looking for more entrepreneurial ventures, jobs that have meaning, flexible options, and work-life balance—all more commonly offered in cause-focused organizations than in corporate businesses.

Compassionate Careers is an inspirational guide to finding purpose-driven work. It offers:

– Stories of people from all walks of life who have found jobs that make a difference.

– Information on how to get started in a cause-focused career.

– An online link to an individualized core values profile that will let each book buyer identify the type of organizational culture for which they are likely most suited.

– A resource section for certification and degree programs, social networking opportunities, informational websites, job boards, salary scales, and related reading and research studies.

Desmond Tutu has written the Foreword. Stories come from Bill Clinton, Robert Redford, Jane Goodall and Dave Matthews, but most come from Everyday Heroes—ordinary people. There’s the young man in south Florida who started a boxing club for kids after his sister died in his arms from an overdose of drugs he had sold. There’s the Caribbean woman who built an animal sanctuary after seeing puppies being thrown off a bridge, the collateral damage of an illegal dog-fighting ring. There’s the spinal surgeon in Ethiopia who is the one man in 94 million people who can help children with a bad back. And the list goes on and on.

Please join us in spreading the word about Compassionate Careers, which was released in March, 2015. Click here to order and learn more about the book. If you have questions or would like to know how you can become involved, please contact us!



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