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we help you

define strategic approaches
cultivate talent & leadership
create organizational capacity
develop constructive relationships
leverage cooperative advantage
and evaluate impact

WE CULTIVATE ORGANIZATIONS to be effective and sustainable

Civil society organizations provide many of our world’s most essential services. Pathfinder Solutions provides an array of services to strengthen the capacity of organizations to meet their potential and have the greatest impact. PFS places particular emphasis on cultivating talent and leadership.

  • Talent = better run organizations = positive results.
  • Strategic recruitment and professional development are essential to obtaining and retaining high-performing  people who report job satisfaction and are more likely to stay in the field.
  • Implications of poor talent development include: flight, brain drain, sliding performance, unanticipated departures, and poor results.


TRACE Talent Development Assessment

TRACE Talent Development Assessment

Our TRACE Talent Development Assessment and training is available online or in person. TRACE offers a 360 analysis of human capital competencies related to the vital components of Transition, Recruitment, Advancement, Culture and Evaluation. TRACE engages participants in designing strategies around evidence-based best practice benchmarks that help increase performance, sustainability and impact. TRACE is designed to help organizations prioritize and support their number one asset: their PEOPLE.

The TRACE Talent Development Assessment will allow you to:

  • Increase awareness of the links between talent development and impact
  • Clarify specific goals and strategies for talent development best practices
  • Explore and adopt resources to manage and measure culture and engagement
  • Enhance leadership and management practices related to talent
  • Strengthen partnerships and engage new and diverse constituents
  • Increase prioritization and investment in talent development
  • Build a stronger, more cohesive environmental and social impact workforce.



Mark Twain once said that the two most important days of your life are the day you are born and the day you figure out why you were born. At Pathfinder Solutions, we’re dedicated to providing people the knowledge and tools they need to create positive and lasting change in the world.

Pathfinder Solutions offers an array of services, from research to coaching to keynotes. Our professional experience in the realm of and organizational development dates back to the 1970s, when our advisory firm was first established. Pathfinder’s staff and consortium of consultants have worked on every continent and speak 10 languages. Our style is very much focused on building the internal and collaborative capacity of the individuals, organizations, and communities we serve.

  • Pathfinder training services include in-person workshops, webinars, conference session and keynotes. For decades, we have worked as trainers, teachers, and technical assistants to hundreds of organizations all across the world.
  • We also offer facilitation services and lead peer learning sessions to a broad range of groups, including specialized affinity groups and associations, nonprofit and foundation cohorts, and cross-sector community collaboratives.
  • Our evaluation assignments have spanned everything from assessing small, locally-focused efforts to provide services to under-resourced families living in distressed neighborhoods, to conducting broad, multi-year and multi-agency evaluation of critical health initiatives run by governments and the world’s largest foundations

Most importantly, we believe in what Jimmy Carter said: “The things that make you successful in life are the ones that you cannot see—peace, humility, service, love, and compassion.”


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