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capacity building services

Pathfinder Solutions offers organizational capacity building services to foundations, nonprofit and non-governmental organizations, government agencies, corporate citizenship programs, professional associations and academic institutions in order to build organizational capacity, increase organizational learning, and enhance impact. Our style blends professionalism and down-to-earth qualities. We customize approaches to meet unique situations.

talent and leadership development

  • service learning
  • volunteer management
  • human resource managment
  • talent recruitment
  • professional development
  • retention strategies
  • board engagement/governance
  • succession planning
  • transition management

organizational capacity building

  • organizational assessment
  • strategic planning
  • program development
  • communications/marketing
  • social media strategies
  • cultural competency
  • collaboration & strategic partnerships
  • stakeholder engagement/external relations
  • process & outcome evaluation
PathfinderSolutions has specialized in providing services to grantmakers for nearly three decades. We consult to grantmakers directly regarding their own talent and leadership development and organizational effectiveness.

Grantmaker services include:

  • needs assessment
  • mission focus and program planning
  • proposal design and process
  • meeting facilitation
  • research and evaluation support
  • governance policies and guidelines
  • cultural competency
Facilitation creates opportunities for people to find the common purpose that is essential to the success of organizational growth and positive community outcomes. Recognizing that people engage from different vantage points and with considerable passion, the goal of facilitation is to build collective vision while recognizing the contributions of individuals and a variety of perspectives. Good facilitation moves people beyond self-interest to recognizing the value of contributing to the common good.

We specialize in:

  • adult learning theory
  • appreciative inquiry
  • collaborative leadership
  • emergent learning
Pathfinder Solutions uses an Audience Response System (“clickers”) to facilitate collaborative learning. ARS enhances interaction, increases comprehension, and measures results.

Benefits include:

  • everyone is actively engaged
  • participants learn from their peers
  • people aren’t afraid of being singled out or embarrassed
  • people can see how their answer compare to others
  • data can be segmented to see how various groups respond (e.g., how people from rural areas respond verses people from urban areas)
  • data collected during the session can be used for evaluation/research purposes
Pathfinder Solutions is dedicated to research and evaluation in order to show the value of the work of the organizations with which we contract, as well as continuously pursue our own organizational learning. PFS can serve as an external, third-party researcher and/or build the internal evaluation capacity of partner organizations. PFS often uses Audience Response Systems (a.k.a. clickers) for real time learning, both qualitative and quantitative.

We offer the following services:

  • theory of change / logic model
  • primary and secondary research
  • evaluation design
  • process and outcome evaluation management
  • culturally competent evaluation
  • literature review
  • evaluation tools
  • surveys, interviews, focus groups, document analysis
  • report writing


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