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cultivating culture

Pathfinder Solutions is pleased to offer a menu of services and tools focused on cultivating culture for cause-focused organizations. After years of research on the correlation between talent development and the impact of cause-focused organizations, we have identified organizational culture alignment and staff engagement strategies as two of the most powerful ways for organizations to achieve better results.

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What We Know

Pathfinder Solutions is dedicated to providing people and organizations the knowledge and tools they need to create positive and lasting change. What we know is this:

  • Talented, satisfied people in effective organizations have far greater impact
  • Recruitment and careful hiring are essential to obtaining the right people
  • To retain the right people, we need cultural alignment, proactive communication, coaching and mentoring, engagement strategies, productive teamwork, and recognition
  • Many organizations could improve results by paying more attention to culture alignment and cultivating talent
  • Implications of poor talent development include: flight, brain drain, sliding performance, disastrous departures, lost investments, and poor results.

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Culture Management Tools

Pathfinder Solutions is pleased to introduce our partnership with RoundPegg, a technology company that has created the most powerful, dynamic human capital management system in the field. Pathfinder is working with RoundPegg to promote strategies that are proven to increase impact. Together, we help organizations tackle culture change, align sub-cultures, and improve operational efficiencies through use of a culture platform featuring socially-centered web apps. These tools and services make it possible to measure, manage and monitor an organization’s unique culture from the bottom up, by pulling the levers to hire, develop and engage employees in alignment with the desired culture.


RoundPegg’s culture management software provides data-driven, evidence-based tools that offer real-time culture fit analysis, on-line coaching strategies to improve cultural alignment, and powerful tools to enhance employee engagement. The technology is being used by Microsoft, Nike, eBay, Kaiser Permanente, St. Anthony’s Hospital, the Multiple Sclerosis Society and Seattle Cancer Care Alliance. Outcomes show significant improvement in areas such as better recruitment and hiring, smoother transition management, increased employee satisfaction, lower turnover, enhanced cross-team collaboration, cross-functional effectiveness, and retention of high performers. Both the financial and social returns on investment for the use of these tools are substantial.


If you are a nonprofit, foundation, government agency, corporate citizenship or education program and wish to learn more about these culture management tools, please fill out the request for information form at: or call 303.478.0048.


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