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Path With A Heart: Talent Development Initiative is an example of a Pathfinder Solutions signature project that was focused on strengthening human capital for nonprofits. The initiative included geographically-based and field-based projects both in urban and rural areas. TDI helped nonprofit organizations become strong, vibrant, exciting, well-run and effective—on fire with purpose, passion and strategy. This initiative, supported by local funders and community collaboration, was piloted in multiple communities across Colorado.

talent defines impact

Organizations that prioritize talent and leadership development are more sustainable and demonstrate greater impact.


Community Survey Results
Colorado Report
Boulder Report
Mesa Report
Pueblo Report
El Paso County Report
Grand County Report

Core Issues…

Initiative Goals…

Our research shows that when we invest in our people they are more dedicated and productive, which leads to improved organizational effectiveness. Massive demographic changes will require that we rethink how we find and develop our most important resource – our people:

  • 10,000 people will turn 60 every day for the next 20 years.
  • The U.S. will soon be majority nonwhite, yet only 18% of executive directors under age 45 are people of color.
  • 65% of nonprofit executive directors are said to be leaving their jobs in the next 5 years.
  • Both the for-profit and government sectors are well ahead of the nonprofit sector in talent recruitment and development.
  • The vast majority of American youth has no clue about the field—a fourth can’t name ANY nonprofits; fewer than 50% can name three.
  • Only 3% of high school/college students say they were ever talked to by a counselor about jobs in the nonprofit sector—1.5% found their jobs through university career services.
  • 64% of nonprofit workers say opportunities for advancement in the field are NOT obvious.
  • Just 4% of nonprofit organizations report having a current and deliberate succession plan.
  1. Introduce people to ways that their energies and abilities can make a difference and have a profound impact upon their own lives.
  2. Bridge the gaps in the path to nonprofit leadership so that people from all backgrounds can become involved in creating effective, dynamic organizations.
  3. Increase individual job satisfaction and lower employee turnover by providing quality training and professional development.
  4. Create metrics focused on enhancing individual performance, organizational effectiveness, and community outcomes.
  5. Improve the impact of organizations and strengthen sustainability.




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