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talent development services

We believe our world depends predominantly upon people being intentionally involved in civil society. Our vision is for people of all walks of life to feel empowered to create the word they want to live in.

We offer tips, tools and working sessions for cause-focused organizations. We work with individuals, organizations, and community collaboratives to raise the bar for talent development, because talent defines impact.

TRACE Talent Development Assessment 

This tool and process offers a 360 analysis of human capital competencies related to the vital components of Transition, Recruitment, Advancement, Culture and Evaluation. TRACE engages participants in active and fruitful conversation around best practice benchmarks to help increase efficiency and impact. It is designed to help organizations elevate their performance through prioritizing and supporting their number one asset: their PEOPLE.

The TRACE Talent Development Assessment will allow you to:

  • Increase awareness of the links between talent development and impact
  • Clarify specific goals and strategies for talent development best practices
  • Explore and adopt resources to manage and measure culture and talent
  • Enhance leadership and management practices related to talent
  • Strengthen partnerships and engage new and diverse constituents
  • Increased prioritization and investment in talent development
  • Build a stronger, more cohesive environmental and social impact workforce.


Succession Planning is more than “changing of the guard.” Our services cover steps that your organization can take before, as, and after people transition–whether they are at the top of the organization or elsewhere. For example, in our Quiet Conveenings, a small group of senior leaders gather together in confidential, facilitated happy hour sessions to discuss what’s next in their organizations, careers and lives. Please contact us for an in-depth Succession Planning guide and/or a template for an Emergency Succession Plan.


Secure the future of your organization by inspiring and Engaging the Next Generation of Talent. Learn the best approaches to finding the best and the brightest in volunteers, staff and board members. Our work spans from individual coaching to organizational capacity building to community-wide collaborative strategies for Recruitment and On-boardingFor example, we have worked with multiple communities to bridge gaps between educators and nonprofits in order to enhance Service Learning programs for high school and college students, making it a win-win scenario for all.


Advancement embodies an organization’s dedication to develop its number one asset, its people. From start to finish, we help organizations build a talent brand, secure their supply chain, and incorporate aspects of people management that yield peak performance. In today’s fast changing environment, organizations are fluid, and it’s important that they dedicate energy to Professional Development Plans, Employee Engagement and Retention.  We also work with you to build Boards That Rock


Cultivate Culture through our work with RoundPegg. Use highly sophisticated tech tools that allow you to assess and develop your culture from the bottom up and in the cloud. Define your organization’s core values, reinforcing the ones that are most important, and/or enhance the attributes you aspire to, such as increased innovation in your organization. Pathfinder is able to offer RoundPegg’s culture tools to cause-focused  organizations discounted rates.


Organizational learning is what it’s all about. It’s the only way to improve and keep improving. For example, we teach boards how to assess and support the talent pool that exists, or should exist, in your organization. We also offer training and coaching on the essential steps for program and Outcome Evaluation and lead a popular session called Tell a Better Story & Have a Better Story to Tell, which combines evaluation and community outreach strategies.

Contact Us: Please contact Jeff Pryor, CEO, at or 303-478-0048 to discuss how we can customize a talent development service that meets your organization’s needs.


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