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After encountering some missionaries, Lisa Watson famously stated:

“If you’ve come to save me go away. But if you’ve come because you’re life and mine are bound together, then let’s work together.”

IMPACT COMMUNITY to serve the common good

Pathfinder Solutions is dedicated to identifying and promoting measurable community outcomes by improving the internal workings of civil society organizations and advancing multi-sector approaches.



Empowering People PFS Core Programs & Services

We help hundreds of cause-focused organizations to increase their impact by:

  • Developing and deploying a comprehensive organizational assessment focused upon human capital.
  • Working in partnership with the nation’s leading culture fit company.
  • Conducting research and presenting workshops on talent readiness.
  • Advising nonprofits and foundations on boards, community outreach, program evaluation, succession and transition planning.
  • Helping organizations strategize about their future.
  • Raising awareness around talent development by presenting at national conferences.
  • Working with colleges and universities to offer courses and graduate student research.
  • Guiding community-wide projects focused on service learning.
  • Describing the importance of cause-focused talent development in blogs and articles.
  • Collecting stories from amazing people around the world as a powerful tool to inspire people to consider compassionate careers.

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