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Compassionate Careers: Making a Living by Making A Difference is the name of a book that Jeffrey Pryor and Alexandra Mitchell are writing. Jeff and Alex have conducted years of research, calling upon the experiences and expertise of hundreds of people who have discovered their dreams linked to their core values—from directors of some of the world’s most renowned organizations, to celebrities who have chosen to direct their energy toward service, to everyday people who have entered the field from the start or have made the decision to transition from one endeavor to another.

Inspirational invitations to join those who work for the common good come from world renowned individuals, including Desmond Tutu, Jane Goodall, Bill Clinton, and Oscar Arias. They also come from Robert Redford, Dave Matthews, Carlos Santana and Sting Cheese Incident. Jeff and Alex have also interviewed the leaders and staff of notable nonprofits such as Habitat for Humanity, American Red Cross, Teach for America, The Nature Conservancy, and Care International. Additionally, their work includes interviews with multitudes of lesser known, though no less spectacular individuals of all ages and cultures who daily dedicate their hearts and souls to creating a better world.

Compassionate Careers is filled with examples of people from all walks of life who have found jobs that make a difference in the world, which in turn gives their lives remarkable meaning and purpose. The stories are diverse and real. They capture spirit, intelligence, imagination and heart. People who have found their way into compassionate careers do what they do because they find it deeply fulfilling. The book will awaken your desire to live life with purpose, and  give you the courage to believe that you can have a positive impact on the common good—on things much greater than yourself.

Foreword by Desmond Tutu

Sample Stories in Compassionate Careers 

Interviewee List for Compassionate Careers

“What I see when I look into the eyes and hearts of the people who serve is JOY.

My invitation to you is to join them on the path with a heart.”

Nobel Laureate, Archbishop Desmond Tutu

“In almost every case, major projects start with a single individual.

And you know what? Ideas are recession proof, so we can keep those coming!”

US Supreme Court Justice, Sandra Day O’Conner

“We need more and more people to be heroes. There’s no way to step off the

planet and try something somewhere else. One little planet, one little us. That’s it.”

Musician and Philanthropist, Dave Matthews


As I look into the eyes of people who serve, I see into their hearts. They may not be the same eyes. Some are dark, some light, some old, some fresh—but they share a devotion to a cause that is dear to them. They may not share the same cause. They may dedicate themselves to the earth, humanity, or the arts—but I see the same passion in their hearts, and fulfillment in their lives.You and I are created for goodness. I invite you to dedicate your life to this goodness—to have an impact on the world. It will change your life and wipe the tears from God’s eyes.

In Compassionate Careers you will read the stories of scores of people from around the world who have chosen to serve. You will meet people from a variety of backgrounds who dedicate themselves to all types of causes and who started their path at different times in their lives. You will understand the delight they have in the small victories that add up to enormous impact. I will not fool you and say that it is always easy. People who choose this path may wrestle with many challenges, yet their rewards are countless and unquestionable.

What I see when I look into the eyes and hearts of the people who serve is JOY. They don’t measure their work by finally reaching a Friday afternoon. Rather, they say their work defines who they are, and what they stand for. I invite you to read these people’s stories and gain from their many insights and recommendations. Most of all, my invitation to you is to join them on the path with a heart.


Archbishop Desmond Tutu

Cape Town, South Africa


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