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How Bill Clinton Learned to Cut Carrots

Robert Egger: How Bill Clinton Learned to Cut Carrots The DC Kitchen concept was literally born from a 60-second thought. Literally—Boom! Take food that is being thrown away and feed people. Moreover, teach people to prep it, cook it, serve it. It all made sense. I was just so shocked …continue reading

First Listen

Rigoberta Menchú Tum: First Listen If we can solve problems at a local level, we can solve them at a national level. And if we can solve problems at the national level, we can solve them in other countries . . . but change begins with one’s self. – Rigoberta …continue reading

One in 94 Million

Rick Hodes: One in 94 Million What keeps me motivated is the individual lives that I’m saving—one by one. I didn’t expect to spend twenty-two years of my life as a doctor in Ethiopia, but these kids are alive because I went to work that day. – Rick Hodes Consider …continue reading

In the Wake of Hurricane Katrina

Liz McCartney and Zach Rosenburg: In the Wake of Hurricane Katrina Think air traffic control in a warehouse stuffed with Millennials, pizza boxes, and bulletin boards pasted thick with plans, photos and scores of letters of appreciation—and you’ve found the St. Bernard Project.  In 2005, a forceful hurricane swept across …continue reading

Giving the Rest of My Life

Kumi Naidoo: Giving the Rest of My Life I think that nonprofits must serve as the heart and soul and conscience of society. They need to pose the difficult questions that will both outrage and engage people. – Kumi Naidoo, Greenpeace Kumi Naidoo, originally from South Africa, is now the head …continue reading

The First Hour

David LaPiana: The First Hour “I just want to let you know that we’re all really excited about your coming tomorrow, but I thought there was something you should know.” David LaPiana is now the President of LaPiana Consulting, a national firm working to improve the leadership and management practices …continue reading

From the Chicks at Church to Lake Victoria

Chris Gates and Ashley Hollister: From the Chicks at Church to Lake Victoria Tanzania has more than a million orphaned children whose families have been drastically affected by malaria and AIDS. The girls are often abandoned to the streets, to brothels, and—without stable family support—are vulnerable to extreme exploitation at …continue reading

Fired, Hired and Inspired

Grant Jones: Fired, Hired and Inspired Once you find your passion, it is a huge gift. That isn’t just true —it’s powerfully true. Grant Jones, Center for African American Health Grant Jones grew up in New Orleans’ 9th Ward, the area hit hardest by Hurricane Katrina. His father worked two …continue reading

More Than Just A Western

Robert Redford: More than just a western Part of the American identity is defined by the amazing expanse of pristine nature we have, but all the money and political weight was going only into non-renewable energy sources like oil and gas, while no attention was being paid to alternative energy. It just …continue reading


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