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Testimonials for Jeffrey Pryor

I’ve always wanted to have your brain, or at least be able to download part of it!  — Terri Konrad, Denver Foundation

This group came away with exceptional information, a realistic dose of the challenge ahead, yet a real belief in their own potential.   — Carol Crawford, Director of the Community Resource Center’s Leadership Program.

I managed to overcome the challenges with help from you, your belief in me and in our organization. Thank you for your confidence in us. — Lucia Gonzales, Immigrant Services

We’ve’ had a number of consultants meet with our board, no one has been as effective as Jeff.  His range of experience, his direct experience, his outrageous stories, and his laid-back style made for an excellent fit with our board. He allowed us to have confidence in ourselves. — Denise Denton, Colorado Rural Health

Dr. Pryor was extremely helpful. After 20 years of working with foundation representatives, I found Dr. Pryor to be quite exceptional. He helped me see how we could work with our whole community to create a sustainable and valuable program. He is most gracious. — Hope Cassidy, Greeley Center for Independence

He worked with the board — there was no level of discomfort by anyone – it was excellent, challenging and thoughtful. They now have a good understanding of their obligations & opportunities.  They were very enthusiastic about his consultation. — Tom Cox, Chairman of the Board, National Sports Center for the Disabled

You have served the philanthropic community with great vision, enthusiasm and integrity!  Your passion for and knowledge of the nonprofit community are inspiring. —Michelle Monse, Chair, Conference of Southwest Foundations Board

Your presentation and materials were the best we’ve ever had. You helped to “nudge” our board on its role – they now see that their role is vital to ensuring the longevity of the organization. — Dawn Farrington, Director, Montezuma County Youth Services

Having completed a course with Jeff, in the months and years after one of his courses, one recognizes the level of learning that has occurred. Maybe that is the sneakiest part of what he does, he entered the students’ minds and prods them to believe more in themselves. — Graduate student, Regis Masters of Nonprofit Management.

Kurt Hahn, the Founder of Outward Bound said, “The foremost task of education is to ensure the survival of:  an enterprising curiosity, an undefeatable spirit, tenacity of pursuit, a readiness for sensibility and, above all, compassion.” As an Outward Bound Instructor, Jeff embodied this spirit. — An Outward Bound Course for Teachers

Your keynote was extremely well-received.  And you’ve filled a void by bringing important messages and resources to rural America. You absolutely deserved the Outstanding Professional in Philanthropy Award. — Patricia Klemick, Colorado Nonprofit Association

Thank you for your so visible kindness that you regularly bestow on those around you. Anonymous

You are wonderful in lighting a fire under smoldering board members. — Debra Wilde, YouthZone

Thank you for your excellent presentation to the Colorado Association of Funders. Your remarks were provocative, insightful, balanced and useful.  One of our members remarked that your presentation was most informative and the best presentation in the history of the organization. Bravo!  — Ericka Shatz, the Gill Foundation

You have done so much for so many, particularly the small and rural organizations where you have given your time and wisdom so generously. You have also been a thought leader among your foundation colleagues as well.  — Susan France, VP Programs, Bonfils Stanton Foundation

I am honored to have known you in several different roles including teacher philosopher/experienced, as a friend both personally and professionally; as an advocate and for social justice par “excel lance” and the overarching intelligence, caring, sharing of yourself with so many individuals and organizations = you have made a huge difference in the world of “nonprofits,” Jeff!  — David Henninger, Bayaud Industries



Testimonials for Alexandra Mitchell

I’m reviewing Veterans Helping Veterans Now proposal and they mention that they attended your Learning Circles workshop in Boulder and that they now utilizing that method in quarterly meetings with veterans, family members, veteran service providers and community members to gather information about the unmet needs of vets and their families in Boulder. They  specifically wanted to pass on their thanks to you! — Michelle Sturm, Senior Program Officer, Anschutz Family Foundation

I wanted to send you a link to the Philanthropy and Rural America issue that includes your op ed! It’s a great piece and I can’t thank you both (Alex Mitchell and Jeff Pryor) enough for taking the time to write about this very important issue. Your time and insights are greatly appreciated. — Sarita Venkat, Manager of External Communications, Council on Foundations

Thanks so much for all you have done for  the Conference of Southwest Foundations to bring so many important issues to the forefront. I felt the time well spent, and you’ve obviously put a tremendous amount of work, wisdom, and personal expertise toward the effectiveness of these sessions [Foundation Learning Circles] for all sixty-seven Foundations. — Tom Stanton, Executive Director, The Bernard and Audre Rapoport Foundation

You are a treasure and a genius. Thank you, thank you. — Lucille DiDomenico, Executive Director, Conference of Southwest Foundations.

I used pieces of your exercise and it worked beautifully [for developing a theory of change for health empowerment in Myanmar].  Program staff were very pleased with the results. So, many, many thanks for your leadership. — Ana Coghlan, Ph.D., Regional Advisor with Asia and Eurasia Monitoring, Evaluation, Reporting and Learning (MERL) in Bangkok, Thailand.

In the 13 years that I’ve been with the Center for African American Health, I’ve worked with a number of technical assistance providers and none have been better. The expert knowledge and training, mentoring and coaching through the entire process has been invaluable. Alex functions as a coach, guidance counselor, researcher, sounding board and expert in the area of evaluation. Understanding what each person needs allows us to work together as a team – working in tandem to get objectives accomplished. —David Washington, Special Initiatives Director, The Center for African American Health

Alex, thanks your presentation.  I got the most out of your presentation. Thank you for the resources and opportunity to learn and better my organization — Jen Giacomini, Executive Director, Grand County Rural Health Network.

Alex was a critical contributor to the organization because of her evaluation expertise, her excellent communication skills, her knowledge of and sensitivity to cultural competency issues, her career-long experience with community-based organizations, and her top-notch organizational skills. As a consultant, Alex provides grantees technical assistance in evaluation, data collection, organizational capacity growth, board development and strategic planning. The initiatives’ 20 grantees range greatly in sophistication, and Alex’s assigned subset began as particularly challenging. She has served them with aplomb, creating knowledge and awareness where resistance and vacuums existed before. Alex is highly respected by both her fellow technical assistance providers as well as grantee agency personnel, and is regularly sought out for guidance and technical expertise in research and evaluation. Beyond Alex’s proficiencies and considerable creative energy, I highly recommend her because she is a pleasure to work with – reliable, thoughtful, and absolutely dedicated. — Wendy M. DuBow, Ph.D., Senior Research Associate, National Research Center

The goal of the Council on Foundations is to promote effective and responsible philanthropy. Good  governance is so inherently connected with both legal compliance and best practices. Legal compliance is easy because there is a clear baseline. In terms of best practices and effectiveness, the connection isn’t as clear, but strong governance practices are critical to that. We started asking ourselves, “How are we going to know if we’ve been successful?” So that’s what inspired the study. At least in this particular region [Conference of Southwest Foundations], we now have some sort of benchmark. It would be great if we had it in every region of the country. It is just this incredibly useful tool to build on. — Andrew Schultz, Deputy Counsel, Council on Foundations



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