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Pathfinder Solutions was founded in 1979 to strengthen civil society. In addition to being an incubator for many socially and environmentally focused projects, Pathfinders works directly with  foundations, nonprofits/NGOs, government and social enterprise. We are dedicated to providing people and organizations with the knowledge and tools they need to produce positive and lasting change in the world.

At Pathfinder Solutions, we blend our on-the-ground, meet-people-where-they-are style with a wealth of valuable experience and professionalism. We often work together as a team to provide a balanced approach that is both creative and pragmatic, and draws upon our unique backgrounds and skill sets. We tailor our approach for every assignment, whether it be for strategy sessions, training , coaching or evaluation work. We maintain clear and steady communication with our partners and clients throughout each project.


Alex is the President of Pathfinder Solutions. She has a Masters in Public Administration and decades of experience in program development, organizational capacity building, teaching, policy research and evaluation. Alex has directed projects for, e.g., the Council on Foundations, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, and the National Center on Aging.  

Alex has been published in the Harvard Law School Review, Stanford Social Innovations Review and many other professional and educational journals, along with presenting at many national and regional conferences.


She began her career as a teacher in special projects with the San Francisco School District where she was honored with a Thousand Points of Light Award. She has taught at Regis University, and the University of Colorado at Boulder and Denver. Her Master’s thesis was focused on the Victim Service Response to the Columbine High School shootings, and she has received recognition for her work with immigrant and refugee families by the U.S. Department of Justice.  

Alex is recognized for being down-to-earth, dedicated to inclusion, deliberate about helping organizations improve performance through effective evaluation and planning, and for being a thoughtful and reinforcing coach and strategist. In short, she is a pragmatist with a heart.

Alex is a world traveler, dual citizen and multi-lingual, with a powerful appetite for learning and leading a purposeful life.


Jeff is the CEO of Pathfinder Solutions. He has considerable experience in as an entrepreneur in business and in the nonprofit sector, both nationally and internationally.


With a doctorate in Education, Jeff has long been active in teaching undergrads and graduates in business, organizational development, sustainability, governance and nonprofit leadership and management.


Additionally, Jeff has a long history in philanthropy as the director of a foundation, and has been involved in a wide array of initiatives to improve philanthropic practice and nonprofit capacity.  

Jeff has received high recognition for his work in bridging the urban/rural divide, in building organizational capacity, in community and economic development, and as an outstanding educator. He has been the keynote speaker at numerous national and international conferences, is broadly published, and has served as strategist and coach for many business and nonprofit leaders.  

Jeff is an idea person who relishes working with people who live life with intention and on projects of value. He is a creative thinker who relishes helping people and organizations successfully navigate their next steps to success.

Jeff and Alex both serve on several volunteer Boards in their home community, and have in recent years been actively involved in multiple hurricane relief efforts around the world.

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