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Happy Children


Pathfinder Solutions introduces people to ways that their energies and abilities can not only make a difference, but can have a profound impact upon their own lives. We work with people to seek job opportunities that align purpose with a paycheck, and we help bridge the gaps in the path to cause-driven leadership so that people from all backgrounds can become involved in creating effective, dynamic organizations that achieve valuable results.

COMPASSIONATE CAREERS: Making a Living by Making a Difference

Compassionate Careers: Making a Living by Making a Difference (Career Press in 2015) helps people find their way toward purposeful work and a meaningful life.


Years of research taught us that while most people want to have purposeful work, they don't know how to find opportunities or have a plan to change their current situations. Compassionate Careers shares stories from scores of people who have found meaning or were successful in transitions. The book provides a framework for thinking about such options and includes exercises to build a personalized plan.


Stories come from inspirational leaders such as Desmond Tutu, Jane Goodall, and the directors of some of the world’s most renowned cause-driven organizations; from celebrities who have chosen to direct their energy toward service; and from many everyday people who have discovered how to link their work to their dreams and core values. Compassionate Careers thus chronicles what people who have made the choice to work within civil society organizations have discovered—how their previous experiences in life prepared them, what challenges they encountered, and what strategies others might employ to successfully unleash and navigate their own more deeply meaningful career paths.



Pathfinders also works with various universities and school districts to provide training and develop curriculum oriented toward bridging the gap between students' internal yearnings and proposed career opportunities. Additionally, we offer coaching to those who are interested in more deliberate support. A sampling of past projects includes:

  • Find Purpose with a Paycheck - Your Personal Workbook: based on our book Compassionate Careers

  • Talent Development Initiative: multi-state training programs to inspire people to seek employment in cause-focused professions, and enable organizations to embrace, cultivate and build upon talent

  • Just A Bunch of Roadies (JABOR): Involving the music industry and fans in global humanitarian projects

  • Presbyterian Church: Presbyterian Women Enablers evaluation and sustainability plan

  • Mohonk Preserve, New York: audience development plan

  • Lundy Foundation: Collaborative leadership training for Colorado’s GLBTQ community

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