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Pathfinder Solutions strengthens the capacity of organizations in every sector and industry to meet their potential and have the greatest impact. Our focus is on facilitation, training, evaluation, and clarifying opportunities. Our desire is also to expand organizational leadership skills, improve the readiness of civil society organizations to acquire new talent, and develop the sector’s workforce. We help identify opportunities and gaps, and provide recommendations for leverage and impact in the areas of:


 - Board Governance

 - Communications          

 - Cultural Competency  

 - Enterprise Development

 - Evaluation

 - Facilitation 

 - Leadership Development  

 - Organizational Capacity Assessment  

 - Program Development    

 - Recruitment & Retention

 - Resource Development     

 - Service Delivery    

 - Stakeholder Engagement   

 - Strategic Planning  

 - Succession Planning

 - Training and Technical Assistance

 - Volunteer Management    




For decades, Pathfinder Solutions has provided support to a wide variety of associations and organizations, including foundations, nonprofits, government agencies, entrepreneurial for-profits, and social enterprise ventures . A sampling of these endeavors includes:

  • The TRACE Assessment: measuring organizational capacity to Transition-Recruit-Advance-Cultivate-Evaluate

  • Long Term Care Advisory Committee: group facilitation for Colorado Department of Health Care Policy & Financing

  • Healthy Aging Initiative: multi-year training and technical assistance for The Colorado Trust grantees serving the elderly

  • Rural Familiarization Tours:  building bridges between rural communities and urban business, government and foundations

  • Region VIII Health Resources and Services Administration: Office of Performance Review evaluation of grantee performance

  • National Adult Protective Services Association: Training Resources Development Project

  • Trusts for Public Lands (New York, Georgia, Alabama, Arizona, Michigan): organizational development and conservation planning

  • Regis University:  developed center to support social enterprise and businesses dedicated to sustainable practices

  • Groovey Tek: strategy development to expand services for assisting elders with technology


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